Evan McMahon

Andy Burns took the time to fully understand our immediate needs and limitations. He also worked with us to develop a process to keep our short and long term development/features goals moving forward at our pace. This ensures that implementations done today also consider the impacts on future planned enhancements.

Tara DeSisto

My development team relied heavily on him for critical and clean data from around the country. Andy and I were regularly having conversations on how to make the data available more hygienic and comprehensive.

Dan Fishman

Andy’s ability to listen made him an invaluable asset. I could give him tasks, he would ask questions till he understood exactly what I wanted. Often his questioning helped me to better define what I wanted too.

Casey Crowe

Andy is great to work with and a true professional. As a state chair, I regularly relied on his expertise to help us manage our CiviCRM tasks in the national database. He always had a solution when we encountered issues, and he helped us leverage the platform to increase our fundraising and cut costs by …

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CiviCRM Managed Support

Does your organization need to augment or completely outsource its CiviCRM database management? We can train your staff to become self-sufficient, or act as a supplemental support agent to fill any organization gaps when it comes to running your CiviCRM.

CiviCRM Implementation

Implement CiviCRM to power your non-profits data operations. We’ll start with a data needs assessment, so we can deliver a solution configured to your organization goals.

CiviCRM Helpdesk

I offer quick, friendly support so your CiviCRM system is always ready to meet the next challenge. Need help with a report or building out what data you wish to track?

I can’t even try to list all the ways you helped make the Day of Education a success. You are someone I can always count on and that means a great deal to me.

– Cara Schulz

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